laura and pernille and some street musician. he was very sweet as he played happy birthday to pernille who was having her birthday. that's why all of us put some crazy hats on. we were singing on the street and every stranger was congratulating her. it was an awesome day! i bought the moon mask and some people asked me to take it off to see my face which they assumed to be very pretty. but i didn't because i felt somehow very safe behind my mask.

may 2010.
santiago. chile. 

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Jennifer dijo...

EEi vitsit huisin ihana blogi sulla! Eksyin tänne vasta äsken ku vastailin kommentteihin mun blogissa. Ihanaaa :-)

Isa dijo...

vooou tajusin vasta nyt et oot kans turkulaine! vau

etta dijo...

jennifer: kiitos kiitos!

isa: voi kyllä olen :)

Merenkauris dijo...

Oi, rakastan niin kuviasi, en ole kauniimpia koskaan nähnyt <3 Missä olet? :>