me as an indian photographed by my dear friend lissu.
june 2009.

i actually had another blog before i headed to chile for a year. i wrote about my daily life and posted some pictures (mostly of my outfits) for almost two years. today i read the whole blog which i still have saved somewhere in the space. there were actually kind of many people interested in young girl's life. reading the stuff i had written i noticed how much i've grown in the past years. it's kind of impressing.

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The Cat Hag dijo...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

You look uber cute as a red indian, love the photos!

The Cat Hag

Anónimo dijo...

It's always fun to look back on ones own old thoughts and writing.

Nice photos. Would have said ninja kick! but this one calls for an indian kick!

Kirjailijatar dijo...

Tämä alin kuva on vaan niin hieno!!

Gracie dijo...

hahaha magnificent! i love it!

Sofia dijo...

Yo solía ver tu viejo blog, me gustan mucho las fotos que sacás!
Saludos desde Argentina :)