last picture taken by my love.
santiago. chile.
october 2012.

i've been cooking christmas stuff the whole day and i can tell that spending the day in the kitchen with these degrees isn't too nice. tomorrow we're going to be just the two of us - with our little dogs of course. they're also going to enjoy a great christmas meal, as we bought them some canned food, which sounds yummy even to me. we'll combine some finnish and chilean traditions, like open the presents after the midnight, eat pipareita, rosollia, joulutorttuja and kinkkua (finnish delicacies), have a little christmas palm tree (as there aren't any real pine-trees and i don't want a plastic one) and light candles. i wish you all very merry christmas! i hope you'll have great vacations!

2 comentarios:

mira dijo...

mulla tulee niin kova ikävä kesää kun katon näitä sun kuvia! sait talven ystävän kaipaan kesää

etta dijo...

mira: oi, täällä on kyllä oikein (liiankin) kesäistä! pieni lumimyräkkä tekisi terää! :)