last picture taken by my love.
saying goodbye to our cute little chicoca.
santiago. chile.
january 2013.

now she has a new family! on sunday we had to say her goodbye and i wanted to take the last pictures of her with us. i've been calling to chicoca's family like every day to find out how she is and they keep telling me she's alright and seems very happy. it must be so, i just miss her a little bit.. i have to say that i'm very proud of us because we found her an excellent family. i'm sure of that! also, i can feel that mimi is happy to be the only baby of the family again.

4 comentarios:

Bridget dijo...

Aww, she's adorable! And I'm sure she'll be happy in her new home.

Kirjailijatar dijo...

Arvaan, että sulla on ikävä! Varmaan haikeeta luopua koirasta, joka ehti tulla jo niin rakkaaksi. Mutta te olitte ihan sankareita, kun pelastitte Chicocan ja löysitte sille hyvän kodin.

perfect hippie dijo...

What a cute doggie.

etta dijo...

bridget: yes she is!

kirjailijatar: totta, mutta lohduttaa tietää, että nyt se on tosi hyvässä kodissa.

perfect hippie: isn't she?